Organized on the beach in February 1939, by March 10 it was housing 77,000 refugees, many of them being members of International Brigades. They were inadequately sheltered in poorly built huts. The camp was surrounded on three sides by a fence of barbed wire.

Letter from Barcelona dated 1-5-1939.

Because of its importance, the CAMP at ARGELES had of a true postal service and, in particular, its own labels for recommendation. Rare, however, are the registered letters coming from this camp.

Letter sent in recommended on September 11, 1940 by Ivan ROPAC,
member of the Yugoslav Group of the International Brigades,
bound for GRANITE CITY, in Illinois (USA).

Back of the preceding letter. It arrived on October 21, 1940,
after having forwarded by New York and being controlled by the English censure.

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