Opened in April 1939, CAMP MORAND, at BOGHARI (department of Alger) was intended to the Spanish militiamans whom one held far away from the cities.

Because of its situation close to the Ouarsenis montains, it was a lodging place hard to bear. To the heat of the Algerian desert were added very precarious hygiene conditions and a crucial lack of water and food.

In the huts planned for 24, 48 people piled up. The camp was deprived of infirmary and knew a serious drugs shortage.

In May 1939, 3,000 militiamans were gathered in CAMP MORAND and more than 2,000 were still in November there.

Two international missions visited the North Africa camps and the conference for assistance to the Spanish refugees organized at PARIS in July 1939 required the dissolution of the camp at BOGHARI, but in vain.

Lettre from BOGHARI dated 29-12-1939 for PARIS
from a Spannish refugee at CAMP MORAND.

Lettres with a F frankness stamp used in Algeria are rare.

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