Opened in 1941, this center functioned in the old barracks of colonial infantry at Mortier boulevard, in PARIS.

In 1942, two buildings only were used, one for the men and one for the women. They were surrounded by barbed wire. Each building had 3 WC with water hunting, largely insufficient. Latrines with mobile tub moreover were laid out in narrow reserved space for the walk. The night, a tub was placed in each dormitory.

It is little to say the terrible conditions imposed to internees whose number varied from 400 to 600 people. With that was added a chronic malnutrition involving a large number of diseases: gastro-intestinal enterites, cardiac affections, tuberculosis…

Letter from GORBIO (Alpes-Maritimes) sent the 4-6-1942 to an internee.

In November 1941, indiscipline acts were sanctioned by measurements related to the gravity of the faults: drudgeries, removal of the visits or the mail, placement in individual cell, etc

The center closed in July 1944, one month before the Release of PARIS.

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