The CENTRE DE SEJOUR SURVEILLE At FORT-BARRAUX, created on July 24, 1940 was located in the 14th Military Region, close to GRENOBLE.

It was established in the fort built in 1597 and arranged a little later by VAUBAN. During the wars of 1870 and 1914-1918, it was used as prison camp for German officers. In 1937, it accomodated Spanish refugees then, in 1939-1940, administrative internees in transit towards the camp of CHEBRON, in the Var.

In his survey of the Jewish camps in July 1942, DANNECKER specifies that this camp functions since 1940 and that one finds there especially political prisoners (gaullists, Communists) as well as traffickers of the black market. The prisoners come from all the parts of the occupied zone. At the beginning of 1942, they were approximately 900 and are nothing any more but 200 in July. 23 are Jews.

From November 1942, the CAMP OF FORT-BARRAUX did not lodge any more, indeed, but prisoners of "common right" coming from the Camp of SISTERON.

It closed its doors on August 19, 1944.

Postcard from a political internee dated 2-1-1942.

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