At ANTIBES (Alpes Maritimes)

Built at the end of the 16th century on an insulated rock, the FORT-CARRE at ANTIBES was affected with the gathering of civil German and ex-Austrians taken refuge in France, but considered then as enemies by the Government conducted by DALADIER.

Its operation life was probably only of a few months; its existence nevertheless is proven from September to December 1939.

The letter below was addressed the 8-9-1939 from TEL-AVIV (Palestine) to a German Jew domiciled in NICE at a private individual but has been just interned with the FORT-CARRE of ANTIBES. The small square seal being marked C.R.E., FORT-CARRE and ANTIBES is taken of it. The fold moreover was covered with a hexagonal seal of the English censure of Palestine.

Letter from SUCH AVIV (Palestine) addressed the 8-9-1939 to
a German Jew interned in the FORT-CARRE.

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