According to the Decree of 1 September 1939 confirming the circular of August 30, 1939, "all foreign male citizen from territories belonging to the enemy" aged 17 to 50 years, were ordered by a release of September 5 to join immediately Gathering Centers designed for this purpose. A second press release dated September 14, broadcasted by radio and press, summoned men 50 to 65.

For the Paris region, several gathering centers have been planned, including the Maisons-Laffitte Racecourse opened in his stables.

Postcard from an internee of the Foreigners Gathering Center
at Maisons-Laffitte dated 4-6-1940 for PARIS.

In his letter of June 4, 1940, Daniel Koenig said that the internees will be leaving shortly to another camp. The Germans will be in PARIS June 14!

Thus, at this date, 8 000 internees in the Paris region, including 5 000 Jews-have been transferred under police supervision to internment camps in the southern zone. Most men are sent to St-Cyprien and women are directed at Gurs and annexes camps at Les-Milles. They are estimated at more than 9 000 23 June 1940.

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