The CAMP OF MERIGNAC, opened in 1941, was then intended for the internment of the Communists from south-west and "common right". But before, it had accomodated nomads and Jews which were then transferred in camps from the Indre-and-Loire (LA LANDE and LA MORELLERIE).

July 2, 1942, on the request of the Police force of German Safety, Jews of both sexes from 16 to 45 years old will be held there, except for the Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Finnish, Norwegian, English, American and Mexican Jews! It requires also the installation of the appendix of the Camp of MERIGNAC located Quai de Bacala, the principal camp not being able to receive an important manpower.

From July to November 1942, 459 Jews will be transferred to DRANCY and then deported.

Postcard addressed to an internee in 12-7-1942.

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