The CAMP OF PITHIVIERS is, with that of BEAUNE-LA-ROLANDE, the second largest internment camp in Loiret.

Created at the beginning of 1941 for the Jews, it fills the next summer after the raid of "Vél d' Hiv". The children from 2 to 14 years old arrested with their parents are sent to PITHIVIERS (1,800) and BEAUNE-LA-ROLANDE (1,500). The parents are initially transferred to DRANCY and then deported. From August 17, 1942, the children will be in their turn sent to AUSCHWITZ to be gazed there.

This camp, like that of BEAUNE-LA-ROLANDE, functioned under the double supervision of the Prefecture of Loiret and the German authority.

According to the composition of the transport convoys of the Jews towards AUSCHWITZ, one can estimate at 12,000 at least those which came from the two camps of Loiret.

Just as with BEAUNE-LA-ROLANDE, the Camp of PITHIVIERS used forms of correspondence printed with its heading.

Lettercard of an internee dated 3-5-1943.

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