This camp was open on October 1, 1939 to the east of POITIERS, Route of Limoges, to lodge Spanish refugees. During the German invasion, it empties its occupants then is reopened at the end of 1940 on order of Feldkommandantur 677 at POITIERS for the internment of approximately 500 nomads.

From July 1941, Jews of the departments of Poitou and Charentes will be also interned there before their transfer to DRANCY. At December 1, 1941, there were in the camp 801 internees including 368 Jews. After the transfers to DRANCY, there remained only 13 Jews and 459 Nomads at October 1, 1942.

But with the new wave of Jews arrests, without consideration of age, operated in the night of October 8, 1942 in the departments of Vienna, Charente, Charente-Maritime, Deux-Sevres and Vendée, the camp will fill again. Thus from April at December 1942,1268 Jews will have forwarded by POITIERS.

At December 31, there remained only 44 children. But other raids still came to nourish a very fluctuating number of internees because of the transfers.

It is in January 1944 that the camp of the Road of Limoges will become CENTER OF SUPERVISED STAY. At that time, 300 communist women will be interned there under appalling conditions.

Stationary sent by an internee at POITIERS the 3-8-1944
and destinated to QUELAINES (Mayenne).

After several escape bids in the CAMP AT RUST (Vienna), during the first six-month of 1944, and a takeover by force perpetrated by the F.F.I. on June 11, the Germans required the transfer of the 172 internees of RUST towards the camp of the Road from Limoges, in POITIERS.

A few days after, a hundred of them were directed towards a site of TODT Organization.

After the bombardments of POITIERS, in particular that of August 1, 1944, the camp has been evacuated on August 26, 1944 and internees put at the shelter with the St-Joseph College.

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