Among the many centers open in France between September 1939 and May 1940 to gather "enemy nationals", one finds the camp at ST JUST-EN-CHAUSSEE, in Oise, which functioned at PLAINVAL, small city located at three kilometers. But one knows few things about it. Its existence is however proven between November 1939 and May 1940.

Little before the German invasion, the internees of this camp were moved to the southern zone.

The letter below was addressed from COPENHAGEN (Denmark) November 14, 1939 to an ex-Austrian interned in PLAINVAL. It is covered of the two following seals:
- illustrated purple round seal of a "sitted Freedom" being marked: "POINT DE DESTINATION DES ETRANGERS * St-JUST-en-CHée *"
- black round seal carrying the inscription 'POINT DE DESTINATION *DES ETRANGERS* LE VAGUEMESTRE'

Letter from COPENHAGEN (DENMARK) dated 14-11-1939
and destinated to an ex-Austrian internee at PLAINVAL

Additional information given by Mr Jean LEFEBVRE, from the "Société Historique de ST-JUST-EN-CHAUSSEE" :
The camp was located at PLAINVAL, more precisely at LEVREMONT farm.
In Mars 1940, the internees were transfered in the south and replaced by german aviators fallen on our ground.

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