The SUPERVISED STAY CENTER OF VOVES appears in an annexe in the circular n 127 pol. Cab. of January 31, 1942 of the Ministry for the Interior as being in way of installation.

After having lodged French war prisoners in 1940-1941 (FRONTSTALAG 202), then 3,000 North-African prisoners from March to June 1941, the Camp of VOVES accomodated political prisoners as from January 5, 1942. The internees were originating fom all France but in particular from the Paris area, from North and from Brittany. 2,040 men belonging to 21 different nationalities will pass in the Camp of VOVES between January and May 1944, with two high points with 976 prisoners.

Several escapes will make it possible 81 of them to recover the freedom, including 42 by using a tunnel of 148 m dug their hands in two months and half!

But 600 others will know the deportation in the Nazis camps.

Closed on May 9, 1944, the Camp of VOVES will be used - just reward of the things! - as war prisoneers camp for the Axis from September 1944 to April 1947.

Letter from an internee dated 5-6-1942.

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