The 157th GROUP OF IMMIGRANT WORKERS is installed in the camp of RIVESALTES (Pyrénées-Orientales). It also included a Company of Spanish Workers.

Letter dated 11-2-1941 destinated to PERPIGNAN.

After having sheltered Spanish refugees, the CAMP OF RIVESALTES was intended to the accompanied families children. The first internees coming from AGDE, arrived there on January 7, 1941.

In his survey of the Jewish camps, DANNECKER specifies in July 1942:

"It was vast hutments which lodged nearly 50000 men during the war. The half of the huts are still today occupied by the French Army. Other half is a Jewish camp, men and women separated. Isolated nonJewish emigrants are there too. Total numbers of internees: 2064 including approximately 800 transportable (number of red Spanishs: 777). Here also, the Jews, old prone German come almost only from the transport of Palatinat. According to the chief of camp 200 intellectuals, Jews in majority, were going to arrive soon of the Camp of GURS where the conditions are too bad for them."

From August to November 1942, nearly 2000 Jews will be transferred to DRANCY and then deported.

In November 1942, the camp is dissolved. The internees who are still there (approximately 1000) are sent to GURS, except the gypsies who are directed to the Camp of SALIERS built at their intention in the "Bouches-du-Rhône".

Letter from a Jewish internee dated 30-6-1941 destinated to MOUNT VERNON N-Y (United States)

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