Built in 1939 by Military Engineering, it accomodated Spanish refugees. Then, October 25, 1940, after the making of the military supervision of the internment camps to the Ministry for the Interior, a first reorganization was to lead to the choice of LE VERNET and RIEUCROS for the "dangerous elements", to that of GURS for the Germans and ex-Austrians and with that of AGDE for the others.

This camp would have temporarily sheltered 1125 Germans from the Palatinat and the Saar who were later transferred to the camp at RIVESALTES.

Letter to the French Red Cross Organisation dated 9.7.1939.

Letter dated 6-11-1940 for CAUX (Herault).

Like those of ARGELES, GURS, RIVESALTES, SEPTFONDS and ST-CYPRIEN, the CAMP Of AGDE had its own postal seal.

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