12-11-1938 Government DALADIER publishes a decree envisaging the creation of special centers for the internment of "undesirable foreigners".
21-01-1939 Creation of the first gathering center for foreigners at RIEUCROS (MENDE, Lozere).
06-02-1939 The French Government agrees to accomodate the Spanish Republicans and to gather them in five camps close to the border and located in the Eastern ones.
23-08-1939 Pact germano-Soviet.
01-09-1939 Decree confirming the circular of far-sighted 30 August 1939, in the event of war, "the gathering in special centers from all foreigners of male sex coming out from old territories belonging to the enemy" from 17 to 50 years old. September 5, an official statement required of them to join the centers of gathering immediately then, September 14, a new official statement diffused by the press and the radio convened in their turn the men from 50 to 65 years.
03-09-1939 France and Great Britain declare the war to Germany.
26-09-1939 The French Communist Party is dissolved and the newspaper L'HUMANITE prohibited.
18-11-1939 Order in Council envisaging the extension of the measurements of internment taken against the "individuals dangerous for national defense and public safety" on decision of the prefect.
13-01-1940 The foreigners and stateless people profiting from the right of asylum are authorized to engage as immigrant workers with the service of the French Army.
15-05-1940 After the entry of the German troops in Belgium, a circular envisages to gather all old German nationals from 17 to 56 years old; this limit will be increased to 65 years old on May 29, 1940.
17-05-1940 Same measurements strike the old women from 17 to 65 years old.
14-06-1940 The German troops enter to PARIS "city open".
25-06-1940 Entry into force of the armistice and suspension of the hostilities.
10-07-1940 The full powerss are given to the Marshal Philippe PETAIN who becomes Head of the French State.
22-07-1940 Law revising naturalization obtained after August 10, 1927.
14-08-1940 Schedule German making obligation at the banks to declare the deposits belonging to Jews and put in safety in the occupied French territories.
03-09-1940 Law relating to the measures to be taken to the "dangerous individuals"; it prolongs the provisions of the Order in Council of November 18, 1939.
27-09-1940 Institution of the G.T.E. (Groupings of Immigrant Workers).
27-09-1940 Schedule German concerning measurements against the Jews and defining the quality of Jew.
03-10-1940 Law carrying statute of the Jews published in the Official Journal of October 18, 1940.
04-10-1940 Law deciding the internment of the foreign Jews in special camps on decision of the prefects.
07-10-1940 Abrogation of decree CREMIEUX granting French nationality to the Jews of Algeria.
18-10-1940 Schedule German concerning the Jewish companies placed under sequestration.
17-11-1940 VICHY promulgates a law transferring the monitoring of internment camps to the Ministry for the Interior by the intermediary of the prefects territorialement qualified.
23-12-1940 Law giving all capacities to the prefects to order measures to be taken in their departments against the "undesirable foreigners".
29-03-1941 Creation in PARIS of a COMMISSARIAT GENERAL AUX QUESTIONS JUIVES depending on the Ministry for the Interior and appointment of Xavier VALLAT at the head of the COMMISSARIAT. Regional directions will be also installation.
26-04-1941 Schedule German redefining the statute of the Jews.
28-05-1941 Schedule German prohibiting the circulation of capital and the trade of the goods to the Jews.
02-06-1941 Law abrogeant that of October 3, 1940 and redefining the statute of the Jews ; it in addition makes them obligation to give to the prefect of the department or the sub-prefect of the district in which they have their residence a declaration of membership of the Jewish race.
14-06-1941 VICHY extends the statute of the Jews of zone occupied to those of the free zone.
22-06-1941 HITLER breaks the pact germano-Soviet and lances the operation "Barbarossa" against the Soviet Union; this date also marks the starting point of a new tracking of the Communists in France.
22-07-1941 Law relating to the companies, goods and values belonging to Jews.
13-08-1941 Confiscation of the stations of T.S.F. pertaining to the Jews.
28-09-1941 Schedule German imposing the payment of the products of the aryanisation on the Case of the Deposits and Consignments.
19-10-1941 Creation of a Police force to the Jewish Questions.
27-11-1941 The Official Journal of the French State announces the forfeiture of the Jewish members of Parliament.
29-11-1941 Creation in PARIS of the General Union of the Jews of France (U.G.I.F.).
09-12-1941 VICHY issues the internment in camps of work of the Jews entered to France since January 1, 1936.
11-12-1941 HITLER declares the war with the U.S.A.
17-12-1941 Schedule German imposing a fine of a billion franks on the whole of the Jewish community; this sum will be taken on the funds in deposit with the Case of the Deposits and Consignments; In addition, it restricts displacements of the Jews severely.
19-01-1942 Law published in the Official Journal on March 10, 1942 concerning the declaration by all holders of goods belonging to persons or entities whose setting under sequestration or in liquidation of the inheritance is prescribed in consequence of a measurement of general safety.
24-03-1942 Schedule German confirming the provisions of the Ordinance of April 26, 1941 and pointing out prohibition to carry on certain economic activities or to employ Jews.
06-05-1942 LAVAL names Louis DARQUIER OF PELLEPOIX at the post of General Police chief to the Jewish Questions to replace Xavier VALLAT.
11-05-1942 Declaration of DARQUIER OF PELLEPOIX: "the French must realize that the principal person responsible of their miseries is the Jew".
29-05-1942 Schedule German imposing the port of yellow star.
11-06-1942 Decree prohibiting to the Jews the exercise of an artistic profession.
25-06-1942 The Germans ask for the delivery of all the foreign Jews of free zone and require that an action be undertaken against the French and foreign Jews of occupied zone.
08-07-1942 Schedule German prohibiting to the Jews to attend the establishments of spectacles and other places public; the stores are accessible for them only between 3 and 4 p.m.
12-07-1942 Théo DANNECKER, Chief of the Service of the Jewish Businesses of the GESTAPO in France, asks for the arrest of all the Jews of the occupied zone.
15-07-1942 Massive arrests in PARIS de Juifs which one interns with the Cycle-racing track of Winter.
25-08-1942 The Central Consistory of the Jews of France protests officially against the arrests of the Jews attached to the Vichy government.
30-08-1942 The French episcopate protests vigorously against the policy anti-semite of VICHY.
13-10-1942 Schedule German concerning the declaration of goods belonging to Jews and kept by thirds.
11-11-1942 The Germans invade the southern zone.
02-12-1942 Schedule German relating to the devolution in Reich of the goods belonging or having belonged to German Jews.
08-12-1942 Prohibition of the marriages between Jews and nonJewish in France.
11-12-1942 Law obliging the Jews to make affix the mention "JEW" on their indentity card.
JUNE 1943 Kommando SS under the orders of Aloïs BRUNNER is charged to track the Jews of France.
27-02-1944 VICHY names Charles DU PATY DE CLAM "Commissaire General" to the Jewish Questions to replace DARQUIER OF VILLEPOIX.
06-06-1944 Unloading combined in Normandy.
15-08-1944 The 1st French Army unloads in Provence.
25-08-1944 Entry of 2nd DB in PARIS.
07-05-1945 Signature in REIMS of the German capitulation.
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