Frequently Asked Questions

Here some answers to the most frequently asked questions from your mails.

1) "You forgot to mention in your study the camp at XXXX"

First, this study only presents the internment camps under French administration. In addition, only the camps for which I have at least one philatelic material appear in this study. Thus this study doesn't pretend to be exhaustive. But any information you would have concerning other camps interests me. Do not hesitate to share them with me.
To try to fill this gap, we added this much larger list of camps.

2) "a member of my family was interned in the camp at XXXX. Can you confirm it and would you have additional information about it?"

I do not have any particular information on the interned people.

3) "Where can one find information concerning people interned in these camps?"

One of the sites about the camp at GURS contains many useful information on this topic. It's no use duplicating it here. Rather click on this link.

4) "Why does your map mention the supression of the demarcation line in November 1942 whereas its official suppression date is March 1, 1943."

Taking pretext of military reasons, HITLER invades the southern zone on November 11, 1942. He warned PETAIN about it and declared to him that these new measurements cause the suppression of the agreements and the bases of the June 1940's armistice. The demarcation line would have had, consequently, to disappear at that time. But the scuttling of the Fleet in Toulon on November 27 will delay the effective suppression of it. It's only at the promulgation of the law of 16-2-1943 about the S.T.O. to see in particular the re-establishment of the free correspondence between the two zones in March 1, 1943. The disappearance of the passes between the two zones was only announced to the public 21-2-1943.
Taking into account these delays, I chose the date of November 1942 to geographically locate French internment camps in one of both zones.

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