Let us examine briefly some places of French internment for all this Jewish population, gypsy and other "policies". For much of these human beings, these camps were the anterooms of death.

One can quote:

But of the GROUPS OF IMMIGRANT WORKERS, created in May 1940, also continued under the French State. Let us quote by exmple:

  • the 862 G.T.E. based at IDRON (the Basses-Pyrénées) in 1941 and which one finds with MONTESTRUC-SUR-GERS (Gers) as from August 1941
  • 4e G.T.E. located at BOU ARFA (Morocco) in February 1941

Many other camps existed. Fault of having been able to find trace of correspondence, they are not described in this study. However, their existence is proven and do not have to be unobtrusive of our memory. If people have some philatelic documents allowing to make this list of camp more exhaustive, I would be happy to be able to share this information.

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